The Right Partner

Sanjog Saraf

I would like to thank PS Global and Sudhakar Vemuri for delivering the Loan IQ Functional Training for our partner in November 2016. We were looking for someone with a good expertise on the product to facilitate a 5 days session which involved domain experienced candidates.


I was highly impressed to notice how efficiently the entire class was facilitated involving effective communication with the participants, in depth doubt clearing sessions & detailed flow of information.


All of the participants were highly satisfied at the end of 5 days and it clearly reflects in the feedback I collected from them. Almost all of them have highly praised his level of expertise on the product, training method, communication skills and his supportive & relaxed way about handling difficult scenarios/queries. I would also like to highlight the fact that we have not received a single negative feedback from anyone and hence we regard this session as our most successful program till date.


I personally want to extend my thanks to him and would look forward to having him onboard for all such programs in future.


Sanjog Saraf,
Misys Academy – Loan IQ Training Advisor